Business Women’s Special

Okay so if you are following along I haven’t caved and bought anything new…yet. I had a “Business with a capital B” meeting last week for my accessories line and I had to get all lady-like and shit, which is hard for me to do re: 3 year old, but also hard for me to maintain re: three year old. Usually when I have a meeting or an appearance it’s my number one excuse to go and buy something new and be all “I needed a new outfit for my go-see” or “I was gonna be on t.v. I have to be cuuuuurrent“. Yes Current, the dirty word that has dragged me into many a shopping sprees and dilemmas. I’m a stylist, I’m a shop owner, I get it I have to reflect and respect what is going on in fashion and trends (it’s part of the job), but I’m trying to break the cult of current one step at a time. So here I am in my old Zara dress (which btw I did buy for an appearance last year, and was also just seen on Deirdre Robespierre from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit. More on how that costume designer and I are spirit animals in another post). I digress. Here I am keeping it really with my Boss Lady look. True fact: this Burberry Prorsum Bag is my lucky bag, I bring it to all meetings and interviews as I believe the dog head to possess magical powers. In a fit of postpartum insanity I almost sold it! Think back to puberty, hormones have the power to twist our minds – but that, is also another story.



nicole manek

nicole manek

nicole manek

coat – vintage (find from can’t remember where)

dress – Zara

shoes – Alexander Wang

bag – burberry prorsum

tights – commando

photo credit : Aoife McCarten