Cabin Fever: Week 1 of Nothing New

I survived Week One without buying any new stuff!!! 

With a little help/hindrance from the universe, I got through my first week of #nothingnew2016 with great ease. Is it because I’m amazing and have the self-control of a supermodel? No. It’s because the whole damn family was sick as dogs all week. No daycare for the little guy – just lots of Paw Patrol and chicken soup.  Needless to say – no shopping for “Muma”. 

This is why my first #nothingnew2016 outfit might feel slightly uninspired. I could call it my off-duty stylist/ sick mom combo look, but hey – they are all items that I’ve had for awhile, that I love and that bring me comfort when I’m feeling crappy. 

Having to break down this look by piece made me a little nostalgic. The silk Gucci scarf I’m wearing is one of the first “new” designer things I ever bought for myself when I was working on a big TV show and making bank. I bought it at Holt Renfrew and paid full price for it (shudder). It’s my go-to silk scarf, I use the shit out of it and, therefore, it has more than paid itself off. (This might also be a good time to mention that I was a “Gucci girl” before it was cool to be a “Gucci girl”, I’ll take a bag with a bamboo handle over a quilted chain bag or studded rectangle any day. It’s in my blood.) 

My hat is really old, thrifted from Value Village. The leather jacket is from The Gap about 8 years ago, and it was deeply discounted (I think I paid 25 bucks for it). My shirt is a trusted Denim and Supply button-down bought from a set sale. My jeans are Paige Denim Lou Lou Petits, and they are my current obsession (I loaded up on Paige before I started this challenge – judge if you must, but I’m prepared). The boots are Ivy Lee Copenhagen – by far the best Chelsea boots I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned many.  This vintage bracelet came from St. Lawrence Market. Oh yeah my vintage Gucci bag has also been with me for ages, I scored it on ebay before anyone cared about Gucci. 😉

I’m very excited for the pretty snow we just got,  I can do an “Urban Ukrainian Princess” look for you next time. 

Also: I have to go to Yorkdale for work this week and everything is on sale, so the challenge is about to get real…



life of manek



life of manek

life of manek