the dream jumpsuit

The dream jumpsuit – a true story

I consider myself a costume designer and stylist first and foremost, but by way of opening my shop and my deep deep deep love of handbags I have been lead into the landscape of designing accessories – and now, by chance, clothing. 

There are too many costume design and styling tricks to name in this post (maybe in another), but for now, I will offer up one very big game changing one. If a designer (or the talent for that matter) really really love a piece, say a pair of pants, or a dress, or a jacket and it fits like a dream we pattern the piece and remake it in different colours, textures or material. Voila! You have your fave piece in a few different ways.

dream jumpsuit pattern

I have a beloved vintage chambray jumpsuit (the label in it reads “dreams” hence the name) when I wear it people stop me on the street. I brought it to my seamstress Melinda (pictured above in green) to have the legs taken up, (go shorty) and when I went to pick it up it had cloned itself.  On the rack, there were two identical jumpsuits. WTF? Melinda loved it so much she patterned the vintage piece for herself. The trend quickly spread through the studio and the suit was being made in crazy floral prints as well as solids, and realized the shape of this suit was super flattering on most body types.

Cut to this fall. During a wholesale meeting with my bud Miranda (and owner of Ardith), she saw the green version that I had cut in a heavier and darker material for my own personal pleasure. She was like “I need these in my shop” and there you have it. Together we made a run of black, burgundy, and green for fall and they will be available exclusively at Ardith and online here.

the dream jumpsuit

the dream jumpsuit

I hope you love them as much as we do!