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Frills at No Frills

Okay, so here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for … my breakdown. Full disclosure here, I have been hunting pictured shoes down since before I made the pact with myself to buy nothing new for a year. They are SS2015 for goodness sake! My hubby knew I wanted them, and he gifted them to me.

Is it cheating? Kinda. Do I feel guilty? A little. I’m calling this “falling off the wagon” and I’m getting back on. Yes I am, but look how happy I look.

nicole manek fashion

In the meantime, I promise to wear them to every event I have from barbecues to galas and I am requesting to be buried in them.

nicole manek fashion

What better place to strut a ridiculous pair of Guccis then your weekly shop at the local No Frills? Part of what I do is fantasy, in styling, in costume design, in the shop and now in blogging…gulp. I’m going with it. This is not really real, I’m not one of those ultra cool chicks that shops in heels (although I would not be caught dead in the grocery store in my gym clothes, but hey there’s not many gyms in my life these days anyway so who cares!).

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Here’s a little behind the scenes truth.

nicole mane fashion



shoes – gucci

jacket – zara

tank top – h&m

jeans – vintage levis

watch – my grandfather’s

necklace – a gift from my uncle when my baba passed

bag – givenchy

real shoes – adiddas

photo credit: Aoife McCarten