Lacroix Darling

Oh hiya, I’m hanging on over here. This week I was pretty busy with the Leslieville Flea prep, and may I say, what a great bunch of people Toronto East Enders are. I promise to get out there way more this year.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had to pop into Yorkdale for a few things for an upcoming styling gig and I almost lost my shit in Club Monaco.

Let’s just say Club Monaco, of all the mall shops, is my kryptonite. The sales were so deep I actually considered buying a top and pretending I got it second hand–which would’ve been easy enough to do if I hand’t been raised to friggin’ tell the truth all the time. “Be honest” is what my Mom used to constantly say and I find myself now saying it to my own son, who at two is not so interested. 
So to “be honest” this week has been hard, and scary, because I know it hasn’t even begun to get hard and if I wasn’t documenting this challenge I would’ve broken in CM.


The upside of not buying clothing you don’t need is you can get skin cream you DO need instead! I sprung for the La Mer SkinTint cream and I have been getting a lot of compliments with a healthy dose of “are you pregnant?” comments–which for me directly translates into your skin looks fan-fucking-tastic.


Now for the outfit: The hat is one of my custom designs, made from recycled vintage fur coats. The coat is on sale at life of manek now for 50 bucks. What! The pants were custom made for me based on a Top Shop pair that I love. My lovely and talented seamstress surprised me with them for Christmas. If you love a pair of pants or a skirt in your closet I highly recommend having that piece cut in different fabrics–it’s a stylist trick we use in t.v. and film and it’s soooooo worth it. My sweater is thrifted from, well I can’t even remember where now. My boots are from Zara from a couple of seasons ago and my pins are a mix of thrifted finds with the exception of my brownie pin (I earned it). My vintage Lacroix cross was a birthday gift from my bestie Adrian.


Stay tuned for next week when I dress for even more winter… Nic

life of manek
life of manek
life of manek