Ladies we Love – Clara Gold

It’s only fitting that the first lady in this series be one of our greatest loves  If you’ve been in the shop you know how magical Clara is. She is brilliant at all she does, sparkles and cares more than most, and is just downright f*cking awesome!

Name: Clara Gold 
Occupation: Creator of Gold Apothecary and store manager at LOM
Hometown: Toronto 
A day in the life of me:
It varies from day to day, depending on what needs to be done.
I wake up around 8:30 check emails and make a mental list of what needs to be done in the day, hit the gym, pick up supplies or various things on the way home. Most of the day is spent filling orders and making new product. This week I’m making loads of my lily of the valley incense cones to distribute to my stockists.
What is Gold Apothecary?
Gold Apothecary is a green beauty/bath line that I created just under 2 years ago. I specialize in making handmade bath soaks, steam facials, soap, and incense. The line is always evolving and I’m  constantly coming up with new products to make.
How did Gold Apothecary start?
I’ve always experimented with making homemade facials and bath soaks so eventually it just made sense to turn it into a business where other people besides just friends and family could enjoy these products. Everything is 100% natural. 
What advice would you give to someone starting up their own businesses?
Success does not come overnight. It takes time and patience to grow a business. The more you put into the business, the more you get back from it. keep at it!
Martha, Gwyneth, Sophia, or Miss Piggy? Miss Piggy with a dash of Martha. 
Who is your spirit animal? Person wise, Stevie Nicks when she twirls, proper animal would probably be a cat.
Favorite book?
The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buckman
Just Kids by Patti Smith. 
A perfect day?
Probably eating my way through the city with friends and family. 110% chance Fried chicken is involved. 
If you could be in any band which band?
I’ve always had a fantasy to be a keyboardist in a new wave type band like the Talking heads and or backup vocals for Tina Turner. 
It’s not a party until ….
I’m doing a Beyonce head bang/twirl with my hair. It’s my signature move, I’m been doing it since 2007 😉