Lady Luh – Raquel de Medeiros

Everybody at the shop fell in love with Raquel’s lady like glamour and charm the moment she walked in the door a couple of years ago. We all know she is beautiful, intelligent, funny and super down-to-earth but we were not ready for the way this lady brought it to the set. Holy friggin’ moly is she evah hawt! Smoke show Lady Luh number two coming at ya.



Name-  Raquel de Medeiros
Occupation- Self Employed, Jeweller.
What do you love most about Spring? – Birds singing outside of my window on a bright, sunny day. 
What is your most cherished vintage piece? – My 1950’s/60’s cranberry red Lilli Ann coat from LOM. 
The perfect outfit? – It all depends on the day and the occasion. I love dark wash denim and a simple white tank top with leather riding boots. Then again, if I could walk around in a long dramatic gown everyday I would. 
What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever purchased?-  Black suspenders. I regret nothing. 
If you were ice cream what flavour would you be? –  Definitely mint chocolate chip. 
If you could have a slumber party with three people who would it be? – Oprah, Lady Gaga, and the late Marilyn Monroe. 
Music that makes you blue? – Acoustic folk/indie bedtime tunes. I still love it though!
Music that tickles you pink? – I can appreciate all genres but a classical symphony tugs at my heart strings. 
The last book you read? – High Society, The Life of Grace Kelly by Donald Spoto. 
What makes your heart melt? – Italy and it’s illustrious culture. 
Who in your life should be wearing a superhero cape? – My mother. She’s my Wonder Woman. 
In five years from now you will be___________. – Exactly where I’m suppose to be.
1960’s beaded lace dress available in-store and on-line. Jewellery and shoes stylist own.
Photo credit: Steve Carty    H&M: Caitlin Cullimore    Art Direction: Nicole Manek