Nothing New 2016 a year in review

For those of you who have been following along one year ago, I challenged myself to buy nothing new for the calendar year. I could buy second hand and consigned items but nothing that was straight off the rack. This might not seem like a huge challenge but to me, someone who not only loves fashion, lives to shop, and is very easily tempted when working on gigs this was a very big deal.

The year started off super strong, I stocked up on bras, undies, and socks and jumped in. I wasn’t really tempted until of course, Gucci put out my dream shoe and well then there was a whiff of temptation, well it was more like a constant stench. Wendell knew that I had been coveting them for over a year (they were a carry over from a previous season) and he bought them for me as a Mother’s Day/ Bday combo gift – he’s the best! So even though I didn’t buy them I’m counting them as my first break which was in April (That’s pretty good right?!?! Four months!).

I stayed the course through the spring and fall and was SUPER proud of myself, it was made easier by gifted product from a designer I work with as a stylist (Paige Denim sent me this amazing biker jacket and jeans), I have to disclose that, didn’t buy it but it was new. When I really lost the plot was in December, oh boy.

I was right there, the end was in sight. I did the One of a Kind Show and I lost it. I’d like to blame it on being tired and stressed out and just wanting to take comfort in shopping cause that’s what I do. I bought a Michelle Ross necklace, a Lilliput hat, a Horses dress all in one week. The only thing that kept me semi-sane about this splurge is that they are all Canadian designers whose products are made right here in Toronto. 

photo via Horses by Arden Wray



michelle ross

So there you have it. I learned a lot about myself and my impulses when shopping. I realized when I walk away from an item (in this case because I was forcing myself to) chances are that in a week or two I no longer wanted it. The trends washed over me and the things I did end up buying I am positive I will wear and enjoy for years to come and they were things I had wanted for awhile to being with.

The next chapter is coming. We bought a new house (hence the late post, as we moved and are doing demo right now), we need to renovate it and it ain’t gonna be cheap so this year is all about budget, bud-get-ing….gulp. Next week I will set a yearly budget for myself and see if I can achieve my goals.

Thank you to all who supported and cheered me on this year, it was a great ride.




I would also love to give a massive shout out and congratulations to Nicole Birch-Williams. She decided to take on the #nothingnew2016 challenge and she succeed! I’m so proud of you girl, you did it for both of us. 😉