OOAK round up

It was a whirlwind eleven days at the OOAK 2016 show! My first show, with a last minute booth (only four weeks to prep), really taught me a lot about the scalability of my designs and business, and how much can be in done in a short period of time with the right help and determination. Another shout out to Clara, Geoff, and Melinda for helping me make and sell my goodies.

I really grateful I got to be a part of such a cool show with such wonderful makers. Along with meeting so many great peeps I pretty much finished my Christmas shopping, shopping Canadian and supporting handmade goods. Business and pleasure my friends, business, and pleasure.

While the show is over you can still shop my fave picks right here in Toronto or online before the holiday season.

Lilliput hats. I mean this is the designer who made Gord Downey’s hat for the Hip’s farewell tour, so need I say more of Karyn’s genius. I bought a black fedora that I plan to wear when I want to hide during the daycare drop.


Antonietta Presti is an interior designer from Montreal who uses repurposed vinyl from her decor projects and turns them into amazing jewelry pieces. I bought a pair of statement earrings that are light as a feather. Eco glam for real.



Diabolo Puppets makes kooky creatures that strike The Muppet Show cord in me.


Sara Hillock‘s art is the bomb. Northern aminals painted on translucent paper are equally dreamy and dark. My mother-in-law was even into them.


Uppdoo bags are cleverly designed and super well-made, the one picture below is a one-off but I fell in love with the 3D gold florals on the strap. Look for Uppdoo and LOM collaborating on some straps to add to our bags for spring.uppdoo

Okay, I’ll admit I would never have really been into this whole fairy door thing if Sugar Bush Fairies weren’t in the booth directly across from me. I watched all different walks of life buying these doors for two days so I walked over and got the skinny. It’s pretty straight forward, you can hang the door anywhere and only the fairies can open them (duh). I bought one for Leon and put it behind his curtain when he discovered it (note Leon believed in fairies prior to the door so it wasn’t a hard sell for me) he lost his marbles. Now he leaves goldfish in front of it every night that I have to eat. Can I tell him fairies don’t eat carbs? 😉


Last but furthest from the least is Michelle Ross. I have been a long time admirer of her work but had yet to buy a piece. When I finally did I went big and went home. I am in love with my Neeve Necklace.


Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!