Size doesn’t matter

I get asked a lot about how to shop second hand and what to look for. My advice for the novice thrifter: stay open and let the piece find you. And how, you may ask, does one achieve this openness?

For starters, ignore the size on the tag.  Sizing has changed a lot in the last half century so those numbers can be very misleading. I am a 4-6 by present day standards but most of my vintage pieces are tagged anywhere from an 8 – 16.

Also, sometimes a piece that is oversized or slightly too snug in the right places, can create an interesting silhouette. That’s the case with this dress. I found it at Value Village and could tell at a glance that we were a match even though the tag told another tale. My party trick is rhyming off a person’s measurements just by looking at them! We’ve all gotta have one right? I knew it would be too big but the colour and the pattern were irresistible. The result, as you can see, is a very contemporary, relaxed elegance with just a hint of vintage.

So just try on all the stuff you connect with, sizes are a matter of interpretation!



Hat – vintage | Dress – Value Village | Coat – Madewell | Purse – Coach | Boots – Goodwill

Photos by Cocomero Content