The story of the Dreams jumpsuit

When I found this jumpsuit during one of my routine vintage treasure hunts, my heart skipped a beat and I practically tackled it, the love was so strong. Even after all these years, the thrill of the find, the true diamond, can still flood my veins with endorphins. Then every time I wore my denim darling I’d be showered with compliments. I knew I had a very special piece. So last year I produced a limited run in collaboration with west end shop Ardith here in Toronto.

Here’s the secret: In many cases designers for film and tv find a piece at a shop that has the shape they want but the fabric isn’t quite right for the character, era, scene – you get it. So, what do we do?  Take it to a seamstress or tailor and have a pattern made! Then reproduce it however we damn well feel.

I went to longtime collaborator Melinda Dempster and asked her to pattern and grade the Holy Grail, ahem, I mean, The Jumpsuit. To grade just means to make slightly different sizes. You can clearly see that the original denim suit I’m wearing is slightly baggier then the finished olive one but the design of the jumpsuit is pretty much exact.

I must break the news that this is not a cheap thing to do. But I always tell clients if you have a piece you really love and wear a lot it’s so worth having a pattern cut and making a couple more… because you never know when the stain monster will come for you.



Jumpsuit – Nicole Manek | Boots – I’intervalle | Fanny pack – Rebecca Minkoff | Earrings – Michelle Ross

Photos by Cocomero Content