Thrifting Canadiana Style

If you’ve been following along you know I love (or maybe even NEED) a good thrift. I took my Canadian flag clutch and my Honest Ed’s tee out for a shop this week. I’ve been really into designing beach covers from vintage curtains and table cloths and my supply is running low. Normally I don’t hit the downtown Value Villages as I find them super picked over but lordy lordy the Landsdown VV delivered.

I found this beach over that I’m going to alter (stay tuned for a future post in the art of altering) and loads of great fabrics for clutches. I also found these crazy quilted pillow cases that a friend suggested I over dye and let’s not forget the placemats, which of course will become (you guessed it) clutches. It was a good day.

I hope you all have a super duper long weekend and Happy Canada Day!



t-shirt – Honest Ed’s

skirt – Stella Luna

Shoes – Calvin Klien

Earrings – vintage

Clutch – life of manek


Photo credit: Emily Neill