Why you need a leopard print coat

That’s right, I said need, not want. Did you know leopard print is a neutral? Jenna Lyons said so, which makes it true, in my book. Leopard print is a basic, it’s a staple. You need it.

It can say so many things: I’m fabulous, I’m as cool as Kate Moss, I’m an eccentric old woman, choose your own adventure! For me, it’s just the right pattern to take the drabbest outfits and lift their spirits.

I have searched for a lot of years for the perfect leopard print coat. The one that felt made just for me. Many beauties came in and out of my shop over my four years on Dundas West, but none were quite mine, so I let them go do their magic for my clients and pined for Ms. Right Coat.

Clara Gold, of Gold Apothecary, and my longtime collaborator at Life of Manek, tells a typical sad story of the perfect leopard coat that got away – she thought the price was too high, passed on it, went back later when she got her wits about her and it was gone. You know that disappointment! She who hesitates must mourn the loss of the fashion vanguard she might have been. I was not going to let that happen to me. While shooting a segment at House of Vintage this exquisite baby caught my eye, it was freshly back from the dry cleaner and begging to be pulled off the mannequin. Dennis, one of my favorite vintage dealers and all round lovely human gave me a deal on it and the rest is, as you can see, show-stopping history.

I have seen some major retailers put out some decent ones in recent years but, as ever, I really think the quality of the fabric is key, and let’s face it, unless you want to spend a lot of money, vintage is the way to go for superb fabrics at a great price.

Cut to the front of the line by letting your local vintage shop owner know you are on the hunt and have them call you as soon as they get one in! The good ones go super fast. Don’t leave it to chance.

Remember you can wear it with literally anything, it’s a leopard print, black pants and black tee, striped shirt and faded jeans, leather pants, printed dresses, it IS a neutral it pairs with anything (except maybe another leopard print. 😉



Here are my current online picks (links in the pics) if you’d like to join the club.



Nic is wearing:

Coat – House of Vintage | Blouse – Value Village | Jeans – J Brand | Shoes – I’intervalle | Bag – 69 Vintage  

Sunglasses – Celine

Photography Cocomero Content